POE/ IPV6 L2 Management Switch

In order to fulfill our customers’ demand, we, Carelink is pleased to report, started from Q2, 2013; a serial of POE switches will be joined in our product line. The POE managed switch CL-SWG-1008iw-150 (8 port 10/100/1000 and 2port GE SFP) and CL-SWG-1812iw-150 (16 port 10/100/1000 and 2port GE SFP) are L2 with ipv6 management switches. The switch supported [...]

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CL-MC-SFP+CX4 10G media converter

Since Carelink aims at providing the best quality product to our customers, we keep developing and renovating new products step by step. Now, we are going to announce that CL-MC-SFP+CX4 will phase-out due to key component will be not produce anymore from chipset provider.

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ipv6 L2 Switch with 100/1G SFP SLOT

Dear Customer, Carelink is pleased to announce we are now delivering the ipv6 L2 management Ethernet Switch CL-SWG-1002. The device offers 8 ports 10/100/1000 RJ45 and 2 (100/1000) SFP slot which support DD function.   Some Key Features: IPv6 management Port-based VLAN, 802.1Q VLAN and Private VLAN Protected port and LoopBack Detection function Q-in-Q(double tagging) [...]

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10G L2/L4 OAM Switch

Dear Customer, Carelink is pleased to announce we are now delivering the 10G L2 Plus Carrier Ethernet Switch CL-SW10G-2404. The device offers 20 ports (100/1000) SFP and 4 TP (100/1000) SFP Combo PLUS 4 ports 1G/10G SFP+. The CL-SW10G-2404 carrier switch not only meets all IEEE 802.3/u/x/z/ab/ae standards, it also provides an ideal combination of affordability and capability [...]

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Dear Partners, For the purpose to satisfy increasingly network demand, Carelink again is pleased to announce we are now delivering 1.25G Compact WDM SFP (CSFP) module. With a sole SFP housing, the CSFP can provide TWO BiDi Chanels with Tx 1490/Rx 1310 or Tx 1310/Rx 1490. The device is compliant to 1000Base BX20 IEEE802.3 ah [...]

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Dear customer/partner, Happy Valentine’s Day!! We, Carelink are glad to introduce our CWDM solution and application to you As you can check from our website, we offer a wide rage of CWDM equipments. Our devices have a low signal reflection, high isolation, and low loss channels. In order to work with Mux/Demux, Carelink provides multiple [...]

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By observing more and more demands from customers worldwide, Carelink, as a leading company in SFP module, is pleased to announce that we are going to phase in CL SFP E1 from September, 2011. With CL-MCSFP series, the CL SFP E1 can reduce equipment budget for converter while FE TX to FE FX, GBE TX [...]

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10G X2 BIDI (SC connector)

To be continued from our news notice on 2010/09/1 for 10 Gigabit XFP BIDI  . Carelink is yet again to phase X2 BIDI to fulfill our product line Since we have collected many feedbacks from our customers worldwide, and understand many of them are still using SC connector structured in control room. To provide a solution base on such [...]

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CL-MCSFP-16M with DDMI feature

It is pleased to share the following information with our worldwide partners that Carelink Fiber Converter Chassis “CL-MCSFP-16M” was upgrade to L2 management.   New Features: 16ports 100/1000 Converter in 1U” height Hot Swappable SFP Support 100FX SFP and GE SFP AC or DC Support E1 SFP DDMI function support

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Tunable DWDM XFP

XFP- DWDM 80KM ( tunable ITU Channels) We, Carelink is pleased to report, started from Q3, 2011, a Tunable Multiprotocol XFP Optical Fiber Transceiver will be joined in our product line. The transceiver is fully compliant with 10 Gigabit small form factor XFP pluggable module. In a single module, this optical transceiver provides a high speed serial [...]

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